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The Old Stithian Association

Old Stithian Global ETF Bundle

The first Matric Class in St Stithans College was in 1956 and this group wasted no time in taking the first steps in the formation of an Old Boys’ Association.  A steering committee was formed with Michael Lewis (1957) as Chairman and Ronald Rankin (1956) as Secretary with the purpose to arrange a Founders’ Day Dinner on 11 September 1959 in the Tudor Room at the Wanderers Club.

By the end of the year, the Committee had drawn up a Constitution which was adopted by a General Meeting.  The objects of the association were:

  1. to promote friendly intercourse between Old Boys of St Stithians College
  2. to organise Old Boys for the purpose of cricket, hockey, rugby tennis and other games.
  3. to assist financially Old Boys and their dependents and in various benevolent purposes in the interest of the boys of St Stithians College.
  4. to purchase, rent, lease, hold and dispose of any buildings or premises used for the members.
  5. to further the interests and prosperity of St Stithians College.
  6. to create and administer trusts to be used for the purpose.

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The Old Stithian Association has asked Emperor Asset Management to create these #Bundles to empower Old Stithian Association and their members with investment portfolios, especially where Old Stithian members are involved in, or work at listed companies.

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